Thursday, 12 March 2009

Newsletter Issue 4

Thursday 9th April 2009
End of Term 1 at 12.10pm
Tuesday 17th March 2009
Ukulele Show
10th—13th April 2009
Easter (During the School Holidays)
Monday 27th April 2009
Start of Term 2 at 8.30am

Welcome Nau mai, haere mai, to all of our new families who began this week, we look forward to working alongside you in order to give each child the best education we can .
Our teachers welcome your comments and support.

Meet The Teacher Interviews
For those parents who missed an interview on Monday—PLEASE ring or drop in to chat to your child’s teacher.
Research shows that:
· When parents take an interest in their child’s education then children learn better

Teacher Aide:
Required for a Special Needs child — please apply to Mr Robertson in writing, stating strengths and interests.

PTA: We are always keen for parents to get involved on behalf of their children. Please contact Mr McMillan (Deputy Principal) or Mr Robertson (Principal) or office if keen. We would be delighted to see you!

ERO—Education Review Office:
Has visited us during the week of the 23rd February, and we are very pleased with the feedback they have given us so far. We will share the results with you all once the public document is printed.
In short, they found we have:
· High expectations for children;
· A desire that our children do well;
· Very good resources;
· Effective teaching practises;
· A very good school tone.
· Hard working children who enjoy school.
...More details once confirmed

Wok n Wol:
The world famous David Poulton and his puppets were at our school last week with a marvellous show which the children (and their teachers) thoroughly enjoyed. This performance supported our oral arts (performance and speaking) as well as puppetry unit( later in the year).

Room 15
Is being renovated with nicer walls—children and teacher will be in the Library this Monday (16th March) while this work is being completed.

Mike Jackson—Ukulele Show on 17th March—this should be
another fantastic opportunity for our children to interact with a top class performer, and again supports our children’s education.
Cost $3.50 per child, we ask you to pay $1.00
Enclosed $1.00 for: Child’s name________________________


We have been rearing four chickens in our classroom. We know how to care for them properly. It has been fun reading, talking, drawing and writing about them.

My Day at Swimming Sport
by Wendy

On Wednesday 4th our Kelvin Road Swimming Team went to the Massey Park Aquatics Centre to compete against other schools. We went there to represent Kelvin Road School in swim sports. We had to walk there.
When we arrived we had to put on our swim suits. We had the Year 5 races and I competed in the Year 6 races. It was difficult to beat the other competitors. I believe that they are strong swimmers because they take swimming lessons. I don’t think we did very well, but I had a good time.
The only two races I competed in were the freestyle and the backstroke. I enjoyed it even though I did not do well.
After we raced we had a free swim. It was cool and relaxing. We walked back to school where Mrs. Smith had a surprise. Mrs. Smith (Karen Smith) gave us an ice block. It was delicious and yummy.
After that we went into Room 16 to play games.
I really enjoyed my time at swimming sports. I think the moral of this story is always try your best even though at times you want to give up.

Get Healthy & Active Ideas
· Throw or kick a football around the local park
· Make a meal with your children once a week, you’ll be surprised what they can do.
Stationery: We still have some children without school stationery. This impacts severely on their learning. If you require a WINZ quote please see the office.
It is YOUR part of supporting your child.

Fruit In Schools—Helpers Wanted
As you are aware, your children receive a piece of fruit every morning during the school year. We have some mornings that still need fruit helpers, so if you have any spare time in the mornings and if you are able to help count fruit, your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Please call the school office 298-8417 and discuss days that are suitable for you.

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