Friday, 4 April 2014

Upcoming Trips / Events (Week 10)

08/04 Tuesday:
·         Zoo trip – Rooms 7, 14, 23

09/04 Wednesday:
·         Year 5/6 Sports – Softball, Cricket, Touch
·         Eye on Nature – Botanic Gardens
10/04 Thursday:
·         Zoo trip – Rooms 12, 17, 19

11/04 Friday:
·         Zoo trip – Rooms 3, 8, 18

Desmond, Nadia, Diana Room 12: A wall is unveiled "Today we can see the progress"

Friday, 28 March 2014

KRS Councillor Report; Bill Angel

Hire Wire Charitable Trust

Kelvin Road School Councillor’s went to Papakura’s own Hire Wire Charitable Trust.
We competed against ( and with) other nearby schools - Edmond Hillary, Cosgrove and Red Hill.
We had to be in groups and our goal/challenge was to work as a team.

There were two groups for Kelvin Road School also known as “group one” and “group two”.
We had twelve people and the other schools had like 20 people so it was pretty hard work for all the Councillor’s.

We came across many things (Obstacles) to challenge our brains, team work and physical abilities.

Kelvin Road School won the last challenge at the end against the other schools with a 4-ways tug of war

Friday, 14 March 2014

KRS Councillor Report; Unaloto Fisilau

 All the Teachers and Administration staff are wanting their big and wonderful office fixed and ready.

The construction workers are rebuilding it and it probably will be ready in another 4 weeks or probably in the holiday break.

Iain said Mrs Jacobs will be very happy when the library is finished as she took over the "Teacher in Charge" role late last year and is looking forward to implementing ideas.

I think Mr Robertson and Mr Mc Millian as well as the whole school are counting on the constructors to finish building the new office before term 2 begins.

Reported by Unaloto Fisilau
School Councillor

Photos by Joshua Walker (Room 08)

The sunrise over Auckland this morning.

A storm is brewing!

Photo: NZ Herald

Saturday, 8 March 2014

Room 01 | Visitors from our local Pre School

Matthew and David - Visiting Room 01

Every Friday  Room  one  children  enjoy  visits  from  Papakura Learning Centre  Pre school.
Today  Matthew  and  David  created this wonderful farm  and  train  track  using  Duplo.
We   were  all  very  impressed.