Friday, 8 April 2016

Room 7 Haiku

Room 7 is currently learning to write poems using similes.  A simile is a language feature where you compare one thing to another to make the description in the writing clearer.

Here are some examples:

Monday, 21 March 2016

Last week, Miss Pihama taught all of the teachers a few ideas about art that they can put into their class programme.  The teachers:

● Explored blending with oil pastels.
● Explored tone, shading and colour.
● Explored different ideas of assembling the artwork.
● Talked about how they made their artwork both independently and collaboratively. 
● Discussed pop artists in particular Roy Lichtenstein and their motivation and influences behind their art. 

Below is some of their work:

The Middle and Senior teachers did a 'slip, slop, slap, wrap' theme because that
is what they are focusing on at the moment.

The Junior teachers did a super hero theme because that is what
 they are focusing on at the moment.

Soon, all of the children will have a chance to see how well the teachers learnt. Thanks heaps Miss Pihama!.

Thursday, 10 March 2016

Room 8 and Softball

Softball with Room 8 and Counties Manukau Coaches

When we have softball training, in the morning, we learnt how to point step and throw. We played scatter ball and we learnt how to bat and how to catch.
My favourite part was everything!   By Holden

The Room 8 crew.

We had softball training with the Counties Manukau Coaches for four Fridays. They taught us how to catch the ball in the hall with the waffle and then they taught us how to do monkey dail and butterfly’s in the sky. They taught us that when we bat our knuckles must in line and when we swing we have to squish the bug to give us more power to hit the ball. During the last week we played a game and then we said thank you. My favorite bit was everything that we did.  By Ryvierah.

Kane having a swing.
When we had softball training with the counties Manukau people they taught us how to catch the ball in the hall with the waffle ball. They also taught us how to do butterflies in the sky and monkey dial. We also had to do some pitching with the gloves then the next week we had a warm up game of octopus and scatter ball. We had a tee and we had turns at fielding and batting then we had another game where we had to pass it to someone and you had to remember the person that you threw it to and the person that gave the ball to you. On our last game we had two teams. The fielding people were with Coach Jordan and the batting team was with the other coach. First I was on the batting team I got a home run. Then we swapped over and I was on the fielding with Coach Jordan. Then we swapped over again then after we finished we took some pictures and we said “SOFTBALL IS FUN” my favorite part was everything.  BY Anjali

Nigel waiting patiently in the field

Holden is ready to hit the ball out of the school grounds.

Friday, 19 February 2016

Blowing Bubbles with Room 10

Thursday, 4 February 2016

Blowing Bubbles with Room 10 

Today we read the story "Bubbles" written by Dot Meharry.  After reading about the bubbles being made by the wind and being carried up, Up, UP, we went outside to explore our own bubble blowing.

It was very windy outside and our bubbles flew up, Up, UP and away.  Some of our bubbles popped on the trees, some bubbles popped on the grass and some even popped on Hoone's hair!

It was great to get outside under the trees and escape the heat of the classroom.

Wednesday, 4 March 2015


We are practising using a tool new to us called Story Bird  It allows us different writing opportunities.  This is an example from one of the assignments our teacher set us.  Hopefully we can do many more!


Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Room 08 - Pacifica Art

Reported by Joshua

Kia Ora,
In Room 8 we are doing Pacific/Samoan styled patterns and in the Islands the women design and make tapa cloth.
"The Islands" are Cook Islands,  Samoa ,Tonga and some others.

These ones were some of Mrs Poa's favourite by Kaide, Dayton and Tumanako.

 Art by: Kaide, Dayton, Tumanako