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Newsletter Issue 3

Upcoming Dates
Monday 9th March 2009
Meet the Teacher 2.45pm –5.00pm
Thursday 9th April 2009
End of Term 1
10th 11th 12th and 13th April 2009
Easter Holiday (part of school break)
Monday 27th April 2009
Start of Term 2

Welcome Nau mai, haere mai, to all of our new families who began this week, we look forward to working alongside you in order to give each child the best education we can .
Our teachers welcome your comments and support.

Meet the Teacher 9th March 2009 (2.45pm—5.00pm)
This is “our” opportunity to meet with each other to help support your child’s learning. We are pleased with the progress and attitude of our pupils, but always feel we can improve and do even more. With your support, we are SURE we can!!!

The Papakura Achievement Initiative is one where all schools taking part want to drive up achievement for children in Papakura. Kelvin Road School is a P.A.I. School and as such, in partnership with the Ministry of Education will be involved in:-
* teacher professional development
* monitoring children’s performance
* monitoring children’s learning
* improving teaching and learning
* involving YOU—parent, children and community

Education Review Office has completed their visit to our school, and we will share their evaluation with you over the next few weeks, once we have received it. We look forward to confirmation of the good achievements we have initiated and sustained.

Sample Books
Sample books are designed to show your child’s development throughout the school year. They include examples of work, goal setting and assessments which are added at regular intervals. Sample Books are sent home three times during
the year to enable you to discuss your goals as well as your child’s goals and achievement with them.

New Entrants
New entrants can be ENROLLED at any time, however, we prefer them to begin school on Tuesday morning ONLY, that Mrs Trafford (New Entrant Teacher) can speak with parents and ensure a smooth entry to school for children.
OPEN MORNINGS for all four year old children and their parents.
2009 Dates—The last Friday of each month:
27th February, 27th March, 29th May, 26th June, 31st July, 28th August, 30th October and
27 November.
Time: 8.45am—10.30am
Place: Room 1 (New Entrant Room) or Room 5 (Maori Immersion)
(Further information available from the School Office)

Kelvin Road School is a P.A.I. School
What is P.A.I.?
It’s the “Papakura Achievement Initiative”
* Long term joint venture with the Ministry of Education and Papakura Schools to ensure our children get the BEST education we can provide.
What does this mean?
It means that we are involved in:
* Teacher Professional Development
* Evaluating children’s performance
* Monitoring children’s learning
* Reflecting on how we teach most effectively
* Improving the teaching and leaning process
* Involving YOU—parents, children and community in our children’s learning.

Children’s Promises and Teachers Promises
These promises are VITAL as part of our school and our behaviour towards each other.
Children’s Promises
1. We will do as we are asked or told straight away.
2. We will always try to do and be our best.
3. We will treat adults with respect.
4. We will take responsibility for our own actions.
5. We will be proud to be part of Kelvin Road School.
Teachers Promises
1. We will treat children fairly, equally and kindly.
2. Every day is a fresh new start.
3. Our learning activities are well prepared, challenging and appropriate.
4. We will listen to you, and any problem you may have.
5. We will work hard for you.

School Grounds
When school is dismissed at 2.30pm we expect all children who are not involved in the Homework Centre to leave the school grounds.
They cannot play in the grounds unsupervised. Teachers have other duties to attend to, and it removes any worry from parents of children dallying on the way home. Please reinforce that you expect your child to go STRAIGHT HOME after school. “Thank you”.

Permission for Website Publishing for Kelvin Road School
Your child will bring home a form that invites your consent to the publication of children’s creative contribution or images on our website. Please read, discuss with your child and return the form to your child’s teacher or the office as soon as possible.
If we do not receive a “no” in writing we will assume there is no objection.

Home / School Partnership
We enjoy meeting and working with you on behalf of our children—we NEED you to
ensure your children receive the best education. Remember “It takes a whole village to raise a child”. GREAT to see so many parents attending our assemblies at 8.45am on Mondays. Awesome !!!

Homework Centre
It was extremely pleasing to see the MOE using our Homework centre as many points of excellence.
Our congratulations and thanks to Mr McMillan, Deputy Principal, for the efforts he puts into
making it successful.
* enthusiastic staff creating a fun atmosphere
* variety of resources provided
* access to computers and internet
* Maths, reading and computer based activities
* Subject area being studied allowed centre to plan activities to support that learning
* Clear, well organized programme which everyone follows.

Homework Centre
If you require a permission slip for the homework centre please call in at the School Office and ask for one. This opportunity is for the Year 4—6 children.

With winter coming along soon, try to enroll your children in a sport—football, netball, league, rugby—Team sports help develop :-
* self esteem
* trying hard
* discipline teamwork
* getting on with others / making friends
* learning how to win / lose

At Kelvin Road School, we are fortunate to have a swimming pool. We are only able to take advantage of this for a short time before the weather becomes too cold. For this reason, it is essential all children bring their togs to school each swimming day.
New Zealand is surrounded by water, so our focus is on fun and safety in the water. We also have swimming sports later in the term that will cater for all the children.
Please ensure your child has his/her togs and towel on their swimming day.
If you have any questions regarding this, please contact your child’s teacher.

PAPAKURA Recreation Fitness
Every Sunday during school terms. 10 week competition. Each whanau team consists of one child’s team 4yrs—12yrs & one adult team 13yrs up. Maximum of 10 players per team $1 per player. Registration fee $20 per whanau team. Five different sports played on a round robin.
Netball, Basketball, Volleyball, Tapuwae—adults
Handball, Fastball, Basketball, Soccer, Tapuwae—kids
All enquiries contact sports co-ordinator Maki Brown 027-276-6891.
Papakura Recreation and Fitness—294 Great South Road, Papakura—298-6852

School Canteen
8.00am—8.30am for orders, please ensure orders are placed at the Canteen, attached to the School Hall, before the start of school (8.30am).
NEW Menu’s are available from the Canteen or the School Office.

Fruit In Schools—Helpers Wanted
As you are aware, your children receive a piece of fruit every morning during the school year. If you have any spare time in the mornings and if you are able to help count fruit, your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Please call the school office 298-8417 and discuss days that are suitable for you. Thank you!

Help Your Kid in Maths!!! PLAY CARDS !!!
# 1 Have a set of cards # 3 Have a set of cards
Deal 10 each Deal 10 each
Rule is: add 5 Rule is: add 101
Turn over card in turns Turn over card in turns
(ie 6 clubs, (rule: add 5) = answer 11 (ie 6 clubs (rule: add 101) = answer 107
# 2 Have a set of cards
Deal 10 each
Rule is: subtract 3
Turn over card in turns
(ie 6 clubs (rule—add 3) = answer 3
NB JACK = 11, QUEEN = 12, KING = 13, JOKER = 14 (from recent Numeracy Project work)

A Message from your Public Health Nurse
Hi there,
My name is Melissa Phillips and I am the
Public Health Nurse that is working in your school.
KidzFirst Public Health Nurses are Registered Nurses,
who work in your school and community, we assist in helping kids keep healthy.
You may hear from us for the following reasons:-
* follow up of any health concerns that you or the school might have
* 5-7 year old immunisation screening
* follow up on hearing and vision failures/concerns
* school immunisation programs
We also run a free Ear clinic and offer a bed wetting program. We are available to discuss and offer advice, on any health concerns you have for your child. Feel free contact us on 295 1280.

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