Friday, 27 March 2009

Newsletter Issue 5

Important Upcoming Dates
Thursday 9th April 2009
End of Term 1 at 2.00pm
10th—13th April 2009
Easter (During the School Holidays)
Monday 27th April 2009
Start of Term 2 at 8.30am
Tuesday 5th May 2009
Board of Trustees Meeting
Wednesday 24th June 2009
Parent Interviews

Welcome Nau mai, haere mai, to all of our new families who began this week, we look forward to working alongside you in order to give each child the best education we can. Our teachers welcome your comments and support.

PAI (Papakura Achievement Initiative:
Our teachers have been working hard through the Papakura Achievement Initiative which involves a lot of after school meetings for Professional Development, as well as top, well known educators working alongside us at school. Our aim is to drive up our children’s achievement.
Please talk to your kids and find out the exciting things they are learning.

Car Parks:
Are for STAFF only. I cannot stress how dangerous it is to have parents driving into our school grounds to drop off or collect children. Please walk in and drop off/collect your child—we would be delighted to see you and greet you.
In cars—often—small children are “invisible” - and drivers cannot see properly when reversing—so please help us prevent a possible tragedy by adhering to the rules. They are rules for our children’s safety.
Maurice Street:
Parents should not take their vehicles into the Maurice Street
entrance of the school as there is no room and it is dangerous for the children and could develop into an accident.
Drop children off in a safe place away from the school gates so that it is a safe, clear road and pathway.

Sports Day:
Well done to our children who enjoyed the inter-school summer sports day yesterday. Many thanks to the teachers who looked after the children and to the teachers who looked after the “extras” who didn’t go.

Kelvin Road School—Holiday Programme
When: Monday 20th April—Thursday 23rd April 2009
Where: Kelvin Road School
Times: Monday 9.30am—12.00pm
Tuesday 9.30am—12.00pm
Wednesday 9.30am—12.00pm
Thursday 9.30am—1.30pm
Cost: $5.00 per child or $10.00 for a family of two or more children.
This is limited to 30 children. It will be on a “first in first served” basis.
If you are interested, please come to the School Office and collect a Holiday Programme form. Please note that all payments need to be made at the Whanau Centre BEFORE 8th April 2009.

P.M.P. Helpers
We are seeking parents, grandparents or other family members to help the Year 1 children with the Perceptual Motor Programme. It does not require any skill or knowledge — just a bit of your time for 1 1/2 hours, on one or two mornings a week.
Rooms 2, 6 & 10 have their turn on Tuesday and Thursday (8.45—10.10am)
Rooms 1, 11 & 5 have their turn on Wednesday and Friday ((8.45—10.10am)
If you can help please see (or phone) Mrs Quist or your child’s teacher.

Artwork and Writing from Room 22

School Donation:
Our “fees” are donations.
· They are the cheapest in Auckland
· Your children get LOTS from these:
- World class performances at SCHOOL
- Extra activities (lunchtime sports, kapa haka, music)
- Subsidised trips etc

We know times are tight—if you can donate at the suggested rate below, or whatever you can contribute. Thank you , on behalf of your tamariki.
$30.00 per child for a year or $50.00 per family if paid before the end of Term 1 (9th April 2009) or $10.00 per term. Please come to the school office and we will happily help you.

Big Buddy—This is an organisation matching adult male mentors with boys who have no fathers in their lives. They work with the simple philosophy that boys need good male role models to become good men. Unfortunately, many boys do not have a father or other male role models. Their mothers do courageous work in raising their boys alone but cannot model maleness.
Big Buddy find these boys a male mentor, fostering a long term relationship similar to that of an uncle. It’s as simple as a good man turning up into a boy’s life, listening to him, modelling what it means to be a good man. The boy's sense of self will develop, he will do better at school and be less inclined to crime and abuse.
Statistics on positive mentoring are compelling. Our Motto, “One man can’t save the world....but he can make a world of difference to one boy’s life”. It’s that simple.
If you are interested in this for your boy, simply contact:
Stephen Bell (Big Buddy Coordinator) on 838 4448 ext 3 or check our their website on

Fruit In Schools—Helpers Wanted
As you are aware, your children receive a piece of fruit every morning during the school year. We have some mornings that still need fruit helpers, so if you have any spare time in the mornings and if you are able to help count fruit, your assistance would be greatly appreciated.
Please call the school office 298-8417 and discuss days that are suitable for you.

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