Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Speech Finals 2011

The Senior School Speech Finals were held on Friday with exceptional performances presented by the senior students. Each speech radiated both pride and confidence as they competed in their efforts to persuades their audience. The speeches were delivered in both English and Maori to such a high standard that judging was deemed very difficult. A special thank you to the guest judges who had the difficult job of selecting first, second and third for each unit.
Main Stream
Georena Galumalemana 1st place
Hineula Tuitea 2nd place

Titan Samson   3rd place

Maori Unit
Turanga tuatahi 1st place - HINEMAUREA PAHINA Kaupapa - Te Reo Maori
Turanga tuarua 2nd place - FRANCES PEAWINI Kaupapa - Te Taiao
Turanga tuatoru 3rd place - PATSY KIWARA Kaupapa - Matariki


  1. Good job Hineula & Titan. Well done with your speeches. "Wouldn't it be cool to be riding in a super cool, super fast, super expensive car and pass your teacher in the old rustbucket.", Hineula said.

    "Then you will look like your grndma", Titan said.

    By Georena Galumalemana, winner of the poetry and speech finals.
    Good job guys :)

  2. nice job you guys and well done with your speeches. nice speech hineula and titan maybe next time use will probably come first :)
    by Ariana/Rm 23

  3. wow, Georena you won again. well done. i mean you won the poetry recital and now you won the speech finals. thats so impessive and you are the number 1 best kid in the school that can make their class proud so be proud of you self and don't think it's a dream just show people that your always proud of your self. i mean i came 2nd and i'm always proud of my self even if i come 1st, 2nd 3rd or any other place, i will always be the best and be proud of my self.

    from your best friend and cousin



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