Friday, 16 September 2011

Room 11 Make Fire Figher Costumes and Masks

Fire Safety

This term the Junior School have been learning about people who keep us safe. Room 11 have been working on their own stuff. They have been making fire fighter costumes and masks. Anni and I, Hineula, have been taking photographs of them working on their art and they told us lots of information about keeping safe. Here Holden Oti, Serraphina Sua, Selina Mahani, Katelyn Sinclair, Letisha Anderson, Blade Tiki, Pauline Kaulave, Gabriel Daniel, Deprey Walu, Trinity Marechal, Faith Walker and Renato Teokotai show off their masks.

Room 11, said “oh Hineula and Anni, we just love to learn about new things from our teacher, Mrs Bungia”.
Holden Oti uses collage to make his fire fighter costume.

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