Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Newsletter Issue 6

Wednesday 8th April: Homework Centre finishes for Term 1
Thursday 9th April 2009: School finishes for Term 1 at 2.00pm
10th—13th April 2009: Easter (During the School Holidays)
Monday 27th April 2009: Start of Term 2 at 8.30am
Tuesday 5th May 2009: Board of Trustees Meeting
Thursday 5th May 2009: Zoo Trip—Rms 4, 9, 13, 15, 21, 22
Tuesday 7th May 2009: Zoo Trip—Rms 1, 2, 5, 6, 10, 11
Wednesday 24th June 2009: Parent Interviews

Welcome Nau mai, haere mai, to all of our new families who began this week, we look forward to working alongside you in order to give each child the best education we can. Our teachers welcome your comments and support.

New School Secretary:
We welcome Ciara Parsons as our new School Secretary. We look forward to her being part of the Kelvin Road School team.

Tomorrow—School Finishes at 2.00pm
A further reminder that school finishes for children at 2:00pm. Please ensure they are picked up/have a responsible adult waiting for them.

If you are interested in going along to Motat for FREE just take along your Rates bill or proof of your address and you and your family can get in for free. (For Papakura Residents Only).
This is great holiday entertainment for you and your children!
Snowplanet are offering a winter wonderland experience just 20 mins north of the Bridge for the school holidays. The all exciting 4 and 5 day holiday programme comes with a 2 hour fun group lesson each day
including rental equipment and winds up on the last day with a graduation meal.
To book in your child, call
Snowplanet on 09 4270044 extn 725 or email:

It’s amazing how many 12-14 year olds are wandering the streets during school hours. Please check with whanau/family where their young people are—they SHOULD be in school—truancy is a BAD habit and often leads to crime.

The winner of the Easter raffle was: Ticket No. 84—Jayden Hoet Room 13. Thank you for all of those who have supported our fundraising efforts for the zoo trip next term. The money raised will go towards paying for the buses and extra parent helpers.

School Break:
Have a great break with the children, remember to do a few fun things with them, play sport, card or board game and don't forget to keep up the math's and language around you.

Writing from Room 18
Some Safe Practices on the Pedestrian Crossing.
Cross when the Road Patroller says “Cross Now”.
Make sure everyone crosses at the crossing if you can see one close by.
Wait behind the signs if cars are still coming down the road.
The road patroller has been trained by a police education officer.
Walk across the pedestrian crossing.
When the road patroller put out their hands sideways like in the picture you must wait on the footpath patiently.
If there are no road patrollers, Stop! Look! and Listen! before crossing.
Mums and dad’s must not wait on the other side. They must come get you. Wendy and Taylah are year 6 Road patrollers on a Tuesday.
They are loud and do their job really well. Please say thank you when you get across safely. They will appreciate it.
Shanaia & Makayla Room 18

A Trip to the Doctor’s
Last year I went to Papakura town centre. I visited the doctor’s because my mum said I had too. I was feeling pretty sick at the time. It was a check up to see if I was alright. When we arrived at the doctor’s, it was packed. So we waited for quite a while and then the doctor called my name out. I was very scared because I had to get some tests done to see if I needed to go to hospital or stay at home.
When he checked me over and finished, he told my mum that I was sick
because I had a cold. He wrote out a prescription and mum paid the money at the reception.
We left to get the medicine and later we went to a shop and bought some lunch. We had a pie and a raspberry fizzy drink.
This made me feel a bit better.
Kathleen—Room 18

Year 6 School Camp:
This will not be held in Term 2 as has been in previous years. Instead it is planned that an EOTC activity will take place in Term 4. This could be a camp, but it will not be at the usual venue. If you have already paid your camp fees these will go towards the Term 4 activity (which will be the same cost)

P.M.P. Helpers
We are seeking parents, grandparents or other family members to help the Year 1 children with the Perceptual Motor Programme. It does not require any skill or knowledge — just a bit of your time for 1 1/2 hours, on one or two mornings a week.
Rooms 2, 6 & 10 have their turn on Tuesday and Thursday (8.45—10.10am)
Rooms 1, 11 & 5 have their turn on Wednesday and Friday ((8.45—10.10am)
If you can help please see (or phone) Mrs Quist or your child’s teacher.

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