Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Mike Jackson’s Ukulele Show

On Tuesday the 17th of March, Mike Jackson came to Kelvin Road School to perform his Ukulele Show. He also came with his son Tom. Mike said that he had been playing the ukulele for about 42 years. First of all, Mike played a song from a big blue stone made out of pottery. Thereafter Mike showed us some string tricks that were really amazing. He made a turtle, a tower and a mosquito and another one that looked as if the string went through his neck. Then he taught us how to do string tricks. After that he played an instrument shaped like a tiny scissor and he put it in his mouth to play a song. After an hour of looking at all the different instruments and hearing the different sounds, the bell rang. When we finished our morning tea, Room 8 and Room 7 went back to the hall to learn how to play the ukulele. We had a buddy and took turns playing notes on the ukulele. It was a fun instrument to play and we could not put it down. Lastly Mike’s son, Tom, played a beautiful song. We really enjoyed the ukulele show and hope Mike comes back to our school again.
By Shar & Te Kawehau Room 8


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