Monday, 13 June 2016

Kelvin Road School Senior Poetry Recital Winner

Year 7 and 8 Winner

Sad Joke On A Marae

Sad joke on a marae – Apairana Taylor 

Performed by Tyrhys - Room 3

Tihei Mauriora I called 
Kepe Paikea Te Kooti 
Rewi and Te Rauparaha 
I saw them 
grim death and wooden ghosts 
carved on the meeting house wall 

In the only Maori I knew 
I called 
Tihei Mauriora 
Above me the tekoteko raged 
He ripped his tongue from his mouth 
And threw it at my feet 

Then I spoke 
My name is Tu the freezing worker 
Ngati D.B. is my tribe 
The pub is my marae 
My fist is my taiaha 
Jail is my home 

Tihei Mauriora I cried 
They understood 
The tekoteko and the ghosts 
Though I said nothing but 
Tihei Mauriora 
For that’s all I knew


  1. WOW. I can see why you Won Tyrhys, a very powerful recital :-)


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