Friday, 8 March 2013

Perfect Paper Planes

Flying my Paper Plane

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March 8, 2013

Have you ever made a paper plane before? Well room 23 and I have, we sat on the little mat and made our paper planes. We did this after morning tea, we did this so we can learn more about origami.


First we sat on the mat we were all squashed up together, you should of seen us. Mrs Dunbar read us a book; it was called The Perfect Paper Planes. It was about a boy that knows how to make paper planes. Have you read it before? Then Mrs. Dunbar got some coloured pieces of paper, we were going to make paper planes. My coloured paper was blue like the sky. Do you like the colour blue? Later when everyone got their pieces of paper, Mrs. Dunbar taught us how to fold a paper plane but I already knew how to make a paper plane, do you? I had to help other people with theirs because it was very difficult for them.

After that, we got to design our plane. I only did a star because we did not have enough time. When Mrs. Dunbar came out of the art room, she had a huge plane but she said that she tricked us because she made it on Saturday. Our class went out onto the field, the grass was a bit brown like it was burning in the sun. I put my sandals on because I didn’t want any rocks under my feet.


Finally we got into a line, a straight one. We turned to one side and threw our planes. I think that Trego won because it went over the fence, then landed on the park. We turned back to the other side and threw. You should have seen my plane, it went far but I didn’t win. It was still fun. Sivangu was the champion, she won too.

I really enjoyed making my paper plane.

                                     By Tazmyn Room 23

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