Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Metaphors, Similes and Personification

Tuesday 3rd April 2012

Simile, metaphor and personification

We are learning to describe things using similes, metaphors and personification.
Have you ever heard of a simile? Here I will tell you. A simile is when you use ‘like’ or ‘as’ in a sentence to compare something to another. We use them to make your writing interesting and to put a picture in our reader’s head.

Example: the sun is hot like boiling water ready to make your tea.

Here is another idea that you can use for your story, it is called a metaphor. Have you ever heard of a Metaphor before? If you haven’t I will explain. A Metaphor is kinder like a simile but you don’t use ‘like’ or ‘as’ and a Metaphor is stronger than a simile.

 Example: He was a monkey climbing the tree.

Personification is my favourite.  Personification is when you bring an object that’s not human alive; you are actually giving human traits to them.

Example: the dice stared at me when I rolled it.
By Siota Leapai

Here is my brainstorm for a pencil

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