Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Bob Bickerton Show


Bob Bickerton

On Friday 30th of March Room 23 and I, also the other classes of the senior school went into the hall to watch Bob Bickerton present his show. It was so cool.

The very first thing we did was walk to the hall, when we got there we sat down and he started to introduce himself in Māori and when he finished his intro in Māori he started to play some of his instruments and tell us where he got them from. The harp was the sound of love when he played it. Wouldn’t you just like to be Bob Bickerton? I would love to be Bob Bickerton. After that he told us that he is going to tell us a true story with his own made up characters and his own words. The first thing he did before telling the story is ask two questions. What do people want from the whale? I put up my hand but he picked Jalisha and he said oil and that was correct. The second question was what are they going to do with the oil and I quickly put up my hand to answer the question and do you know want the answer was? It was the light. So he started to tell the story…
 During the story he asked some students to come up and act. The funniest part was when he asked 3 students and 4 teachers to come up and show how the dance goes. When they came up he asked Miss Taffard to dance with him and she said sure. I had to dance with Mrs. Long.
After the story he said you to KELVILYON and said you marry her and he marries Siota but it was actually a joke to teach us about arranged marriages. After the show we went back to our own classroom for lunch. The Bob Bickerton show was awesome!

By Madeline

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