Tuesday, 29 July 2014

** West Ham beaten in NZ!!! **

West Ham Beaten in NZ J
Hi my name is Maui and I’m going to tell you about the Wellington Phoenix vs West Ham United Game that some KRS kids got to see.

First we had to go home then come back to school in evening to get on the bus.
Before the bus got there we got t-shirts that said West Ham vs Wellington Phoenix 2014 from Phil then we hopped on the bus and rode all the way to Eden Park.
As soon as we got to the city we hopped off then checked if everyone was together, we walked to the main entrance where we had to scan our tickets before we could go through.

After that we walked and looked down onto the football pitch from above. We then arrived to the smells of food. Mr. Robertson said we could pick something to eat to last us until we reached home.
Then we walked to our seats where there was a pre-game (Reds vs the Whites).
A little while later a fiery lady came and told us we were in the wrong seats.
We went on another expedition to the other side of the stadium then we sat down and waited until the game started.
The teams started to warm up for the game, passing around the ball, stretches etc.
Both teams came boosting out the tunnel jogging out one by one with children by their side then we started watching the game.

Andrew Durante headed in an early goal for Phoenix (15mins)
The stadium roared with people cheering and clapping, some people looked surprised and that’s when my support went from West Ham to The Wellington Phoenix – I couldn’t help myself!

Gorrin scored a stunning goal just before half time.
West Ham’s substitute scored on 71th minute and attacked hard near the end.
West Ham put a lot of pressure on as they were hungry to claw their way back.

Everyone really enjoyed themselves.
By Maui

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