Friday, 25 October 2013

Room 13 Plant A Seed In Their Art Work

We had a lovely surprise when Pama, Kayla and Faith knocked on Room 23's classroom door to show us what they had been learning about. "We are learning about growing stuff in our garden." Pamaexplained excitedly, proudly showing off her art. "We made plant men, too, and a plant pig!

As the eager students of Room 13 scurried off to get their Plant men, Room 23 enjoyed the extrodinary attention to detail in the art work the junior students had created: weaving, hand prints and sewing!

On return, the girls were very excited to share their plant men with us. "Plants have roots and they are under the ground, like a carrot when you pull it out, the roots come out. We made carrot pictures with roots on!"

Great work Room 13, we look forward to tasting some of your tasty carrots if you decide to grow them in our veggie gardens. Yum!

Thank you for shaing all the great learning going on in your class!

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