Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Healthy Eating at Pak n Save

Ahh, there’s a big yellow monster. Oh, no it’s just Pak ‘n’ Save. My class and I went to Pak ‘n’ Save, on Wednesday the 29th of May to learn what’s healthy to eat. Our class went to look at the labels.

First, our class got out of the bus with some parents and teachers. We got in our groups and then we went in Pakn’save to investigate what was healthy and what was not.

My group sprinted straight to the breakfast section to see the amazing Nutrigrain. Have you seen that add that says Nutrigrain makes you turn into IRON MAN, Well guest what; we looked closely at it and discovered that with all that sugar, it will only turn you into a fat balloon. I recommend you eat Weet Bix.

Another group checked out the milk section. It had a lot of fibre which is good for you it also had a lot of calcium which is good for you too.

We noticed that a lot of the crackers had a lot of good stuff in them, but they also had a lot of sodium (salt).

Then we looked for fruits and vege to put in a column of colours. Then we went to the bus and came back, just in time for morning tea.

Pak ‘n’ Save is the best shopping store to go get you shopping from but make sure you buy healthy food!

By Piukala and Jahlisha Room 8

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