Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Practising With Similes

Bubbles is happy in his cage at school
Wednesday 17thApril

Have you seen my parrot, Bubbles?

His body is grey like an old man’s beard and he is small like a size 2 shoe. Bubbles’ body is fluffy like a cozy blanket and his small like a tennis ball. His beak is red like a lovely rose and his beak is sharp like a grey knife. His nose is dangerous like a dragon's sharp teeth and His beak is pointy like a witch's black hat.

Bubbles’ claws are sharp like our school pencils that we use to write with and his claws are scratchy as an annoyed cat’s claws. Bubbles' claws are brown like uncooked rice, it’s so yucky.
Bubbles eyes are like a circular plates and black like some switched off computer screen. His eyes are like my teacher's eyes; they see everything.
By Trego Ujdur

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