Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Cop Dogs


A demonstration to show obedience

On Tuesday 25th September, the senior school and some juniors went out onto the field; in the middle of the field were some police officers and their police dogs.
The police first told us what police dogs do, there were so many things that a police dog could do. After a couple of questions, they told us that they would bring out the dogs, it was very interesting.
Holding on to a criminal
They brought one of the dogs out to show us what they could do in real life, the dogs were German Shepards; they were so amazing.
This police dog has caught a criminal and holds them on the ground

 The policemen had to wear body gear to protect themselves from the dogs to give a demonstration for what the dogs would do when attacking a criminal. One by one they brought out the dogs to show the diffrence in their training. It was so cool! 

The German Shepard holds on tight so his handler can catch him

Thank you from Kelvin Road School

Watch out!

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