Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Gold Medalist-Shane O'Brien

Shane O’Brien

Shane O'Brien, gold medalist, with Kizzi bird at KRS.
Today, Shane O’Brien, not Mr. O’Brien from Room 18, but his cousin came to visit us at our school.

He came to talk to us about his gold medal that he won at the Olympics rowing event held in L.A in 1984. It looked so cool

I said that I wanted to keep it but i was just teasing. He won 1st place in the sport rowing in 1984,which is really hard.

He said that you have to be really fit , strong, healthy and determined to win at least a medal. He was tall and slim. I was nearly half the size of Shane O’Brien, which is cool because that means I’m tall. I wonder what sports event I will work at. Do you have an Olympic dream?

Tia Stowers 

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