Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A Star is Born

This term, we would like to welcome Starsim Simeki (Star). He has taken on the very important role of social worker (SWIS) at Kelvin Road School.
Star receives a poster for his room from Lovishare and Rachel of Room 23

 I asked him why he came to Kelvin Road School and he said "If you have any problems at home or in school you can come and see me." Star also runs the school's holiday programmes and supports students to concentrate at school. He told me he had an office next to the Rainbow Reading office in room 20, whereby students can come and talk to him. We made him a sign to help him decorate his office and tell others where he is. Billie-Jean
Star has made many new friends at Kelvin Road School.
Lovishare and Billie-Jean

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  1. Hey Room 23, what a beautiful day it is today! Hope you all have an awsome and productive day.

    Laterz, Star.


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