Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Teachers Versus the Seniors

A before shot of the teachers who took on the mighty year six soccer team.

The match was refereed by Mr McMillan
Seniors find a hole in the teacher's defences!
On Wednesday the 5th of October the teachers of Kelvin Road School got together to challenge the year 6 seniors at playing a game of soccer. The game was awesome, especially the teachers because they had a lot of team work happening. When one teacher headed the ball, Mr Robertson kicked the ball into the goal and that was their first goal. Then it was half time. It was good because they tried their best and got 2 goals. Many people wanted to join in because it looked like so much fun. Every one was shouting and screaming for the teachers and the Years 6s. The final score was a 2 all draw. In an after match interview with the senior school coach, Mrs K Smith, she had this to say, “It was very exciting and the team did very well. I’m so proud of them.”

We were unable to interview the teachers after their match because they needed to catch their breaths.

Seniors kept up the attack and scored two
 excellent goals.

Mr Naidoo recovers from sevral good attacks at goal by the year 6s but there was no way the ball was getting into his goal.
Reported and photographed by Hineula Tuitea and Kiara Maihi

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