Friday, 23 September 2011

Students Learn about the Rugby World Cup

Rugby World Cup in Room 7

This week, room 7 was learning about the Rugby World Cup. Some were learning how to label and choose the right colours for each flag of the different countries playing rugby. “For our flags we have to choose the right colours and label the meanings of for them,” mentioned Manaia. Cameron was designing a new T-shirt for his adopted country Romania and had finished designing a new All Blacks T-shirt. Others like Mercedes, Mavis and Tatiana were working on their cultural wheel. “In our cultural wheel we are writing about our own culture,” Tatiana claimed. Room 7 were doing their topic on the Rugby World Cup. Room 7 enjoyed their topic. Well done Room 7! 
Mavis has been working hard on her topic about the rugby world cup.

Mercedes and Tatiana were working on their cultural wheel.

Here Cameron has finished his All Black T-shirt

Reported by Georena Galumalemana and photos by Dhay-Sharne Harris

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  1. wow, well done room 7. you guys are getting smarter and smarter. so keep it up. well done Mavis keep working hard on your topics to get a great job when you grow up. i'm always sticking to my speech when your driving in a super cool, super hot, super expensive car and pass your teacher in their old rust bucket. woo oh i would sure want to make my teacher jealous and make her say" man i want a car like that."


    ROOM 23


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