Friday, 26 August 2011


On Thursday the 25th of August Kelvin Road Scool were treated to an audience with Katz Cowley and Ruth Paul the illustrators of many childrens' much loved stories. Katz explained how she came up with her ideas for the pictures in her first book, Wonkey Donkey. "I was walking down the road and a I saw a donkey, EEA AWW!" laughed Katz as she told us her favourite story. She later taught us her secrets and tricks for drawing her pictures. We even learnt how to draw happy and sad faces just from a circle!
Ruth showed us her doodles and sketches for some of her books, Stomp, The Animal Undie Ball, The Little White Lie and everyones favourite, The Kings Bubbles. It took her a long time to get her pictures just right.

Thank you for coming to our school, it was great listening to your stories.
By Georena and Hineula

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