Thursday, 2 December 2010

Number Three

My story is about a Three. He was looking for some numbers to play with. He found two numbers Ten and One. Three said to them, “Can you play with me?” But Ten and One said nothing because they were bad. So Three went to a zoo and Six and Nine were there. Six and Nine said to Three, “What are you doing here at the zoo?” Three said, “I`m looking for some friends.” Six said, “ Yes, we can be your friends.” So Nine, Six and Three went walking down the road and they found Ten One again. Six, Nine and Three said to them, “Can you be our friends now? “Yes,” said One and Ten. They went to Three`s house and played together then they had some lunch. Then Nine, Six, Ten and one went back to the zoo and had a play together. Then they went to sleep. The next morning, Three came to the zoo. Three said to Six and Nine, “Come.” They said, “No.” So Three cried all the way home. He called his mother. She came and stayed with him for 4 weeks.

Story by Adriene Room 9 Year 2

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