Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Experimenting with liquids, solids and gases.

Wednesday the 4th of August

How to get solids from a liquid.
Today Mrs Dunbar dissolved salt into hot water and stirred it around until all the salt was gone. Then she boiled up the liquid in a kettle. Soon the vapour came out as steam and hit the ceiling. The water in the jug went down and left the salt behind. We think that because the salt is a solid it is too heavy to float up with the water vapour.
By Ariana Lesulu Room 23


  1. This was a cool expirement, Ariana.

  2. wow! good job ariana love the experimenting and i really want to no what's in your hand

  3. Hi Ariana, your picture is so cool. its a very great experiment. read the story of you learning SOLIDS , LIQUIDS and GASES. you are a clever girl.

  4. Hello Ariana , your story is very interesting , Vanessa.


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