Thursday, 24 June 2010

England Bows Down to Serbia in Soccer Semi Finals

Yesterday we were Serbia and the other team was England in soccer. Me and Phillip got a score and we got two points and we won and we said good game. Folototo and Miniah and Harmony and Nesha and Angeline cheered for us and we are in the finals. We will vs. Room 15 on Friday. I think we will win!

By Maui, Room 21
Yesterday we played soccer and Folototo, Nesha Miniah and Angeline were the cheer leaders. Me and Maui got a score and we vs. England and we won!

By Phillip Room 21


  1. Good luck Room 21, we all hope you win today. Go Serbia! From Room 23

  2. Good luck room 21 go serbia go hard and try hard! From Vanessa.


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