Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Argentina and Room 23 Roar

Yesterday, at the school assembly, Room 23 shared their presentation on Argentina (their adopted country for the Football World Cup). They cheered, they yelled and they blew us away with their knowledge. Not only that, they followed up this with a good victory at lunch time. Their team chant goes like this:

Argentina, hear us roar!
Room 23's about to score!
Getting goals is what we'll do,
Even if it means knocking over you!
Nothing will stop us, all have tried,
The 'Hand of God' is on our side!
In the net the ball will go,
Nothing will stop us go, go, go!

What sort of poem is this cheer? Good luck for the rest of the tournament Argentina. Next week Room 5 and 6 will being sharing their presentation at assembly.

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  1. This is the bestest photograpgh i like best because Room 23 is very good at playing so i give a big thanks to our best soccer players
    in the team their names are
    Dhay-Sharne , Regan , shayden ,tyson and the lucky last one goes to Mrs.Dunbar.


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