Tuesday, 30 March 2010


30th March 2010
Today YouthTown came to our school to teach us how to do new sports. They taught us new skills on the rugby field and it was cool.
First we played a game of Cat and Mouse. One team had to be the cats and the other team had to be the mouse. When I was the mouse Kalwinder was the cat and I didn’t get caught. When I was the cat I didn’t catch anyone.
The next game was learning how to skip forwards, backward and sideways. It was easy for me and the others in my group. I think the girls were better than the boys.
After this we played a different kind of cat and mouse but this time it was better. We learning to exercise our body and get fit at the same time as having FUN!
We had to go around the cones and step over them. It was kind of hard.
I was really excited when I was with YouthTown because they taught us cool things.
By Tammy Tahere
Room 14

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