Monday, 22 February 2010

School Council

This is the School Council for 2010. They were voted for by the other Year 6 pupils and their teachers. There are 12 of them. There were 13 but Mr McMillan thought that was unlucky so the 13th person (who does not know who they are) is the first reserve just in case someone leaves, (I guess the number 13 was unlucky for that person).

The School Council will be leaders in the school by being positive role models and helping their peers and teachers. It can be a tough job.
Will they last the whole year?

Can you name all 12?

Do you know what classroom each child is in?

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  1. I Know ALl the Councillors.
    Because one of them is Me.

    Front: Wayne
    2nd: Lilly, Lacy, Ariana, Kiani.
    3rd: David, Logan, Tyrone, Shar, Tyson.
    Last: Case and Ariana.

    From Lacy


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