Sunday, 13 December 2009

What I Enjoyed About 2009 in Room 23

What I Enjoyed About 2009

What I liked about 2009

Room 23 and I spend awesome times together this year. We did lots of things in class so we could learn heaps more at school.

This year Room 23 and I did puppets. I liked doing the sewing on the ginger bread man but it wasn’t easy, it was hard work. We made them out of different materials. It’s okay because I managed to make one.

We’re doing drama now. This is one of the good times. Drama is when we act and play and drama is one of my best things but not my favourite.

We also did dance too this year and it was so cool because we did a dance off with Room 18. I was pretty shy but I did a dance in front of them, even though they were laughing at us.

Another one of my greatest times with Room 23 was the train trip. My big Sister Sonia came on the train trip with us. We had a clipboard with worksheets on them. I didn’t manage to spell the platform names but I told Sonia to help me spell them.

My favourite sport of the year is high jump. High jump is so cool but when I started I wasn’t good but Mrs. Dunbar taught me how to jump over. She told me to jump over the edge so I don’t fall off and then I started to get so good now. I can jump over the bar.

Another one of my great times I’ve had was the tents day. My group’s tent didn’t stay up but we put it together with team work. We even had lunch in them. Whaea Elaine came and decided which tent she liked. She liked Tui’s team and Gemini’s team tent. I had a good time there.

My favourite day in 2009 was Sammy day. I didn’t like the way mushrooms look but at least I tasted them. They were yummy! The reason I liked that day was because we got to eat healthy.

I really enjoyed being in Room 23 this year.

By Renei

Room 23

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