Sunday, 22 November 2009

Art Exhibition 2009

Last week, Kelvin Road School held its annual Art Exhibition. All the classes contributed to the show and loved seeing their art work on display. Parents and other friends of the school came in to view the displays. The teachers have been saving the best art all year waiting for this opportunity to share it with everyone.
More examples will be shared later! Keep an eye out for them.....or you can wait until the same time next year and come and see our new exhibition.

These are samples from the Room 23, Room 12 and Room 17 displays.


  1. nice one nagtere

    f S
    r l
    o a
    m d

  2. Naghtere, I like your piture and I like your zigzag for the boader and also how you put ideas in your pitcure . I think it looks funky and I think it look's cool

  3. your good at art

  4. So cooooooool. From Miss Tua.


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