Friday, 9 October 2009

Sunflower Planting


During the last week of the term we planted our sunflowers outside.  The weather was pretty bad and they got bashed around a bit in the afternoon but they should be OK.  We planted them in 3 different places.

Position 1: Ariana / Lacy / Logan – this spot is behind Room 19.  It is not an overly visible spot, but it is well protected from the weather and near a tap to make it easier to water them.

Position 2: Rawiri / Xavier – this spot in outside the PE shed.  This spot is a great position to catch the sun and is really visible.  It is a bit risky because a stray bouncing ball may hit the growing sunflowers.

Position 3: Te Aomihia / Frances – this is a good spot in the new garden outside Room 14.  Hopefully we can use the fence to tie up the sunflowers when they get really big.  These plants should be safe from bouncing balls.



  1. I can't wait for summer to finally get here. I look forward to looking out of my classroom and seeing all the beautiful sunflowers you have planted around school.

    Mrs Dunbar

  2. i hope your sunflowers grow big to be strong and healthy.


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