Wednesday, 28 October 2009

A Story From the Papakura Courier


EVERY PENNY COUNTS: Students from Kelvin Road School’s Maori bilingual unit created a coin trail poster for children in Samoa.

Instead of writing stories about what they did in the holidays students in Kelvin Road School’s Maori bilingual unit asked if they could use the time to do something for children in Samoa affected by the tsunami. After a brainstorming session they decided to make a coin trail poster and send it to Samoa. Teacher Rachael Taylor says a lot of the children had seen coverage of the tsunami on the news and really wanted to do something to help.

So they spent three days asking friends, teachers and parents for any spare change – be it 10 cents or $2. With the help of kaiawhina (teacher aide) Ripeka Croft they also created a giant poster filled with bright images of Samoa – from an umu to coconut trees and jandals – and heartfelt messages of support. After sticking the $60 in coins down the poster weighed as much as a hard-backed dictionary. Mrs Taylor says the children really enjoyed making the poster and wanted to take it to Samoa themselves.

Failing that they hope the money is used to buy schoolchildren pens, pencils, rulers and rubbers.
In a note the class has attached to the bottom of the poster they write: "We want to give something special back to the children as we are fortunate enough to have a classroom with lots of resources and equipment."

Mrs Taylor hopes the Red Cross will be able to get the poster to Samoa on behalf of the school and the youngsters who created it.

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  1. hay that was good of you to wish that we thought of that.

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