Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Book Week – Lindy Davis (Author)

lindy davis coolkids & kree

Today Lindy Davis visited our school to talk to the seniors about how to write a story. She is the author of an adventurous thriller and mystery book called The Golden Scarab. Lindy told us that  writing a story is similar to baking a cake. This is what you need:

Creative idea = recipe

Plot = flour

Characters = eggs

Action/Romance/Mystery = sugar & spice



Then you put the cake in the oven and wait for it to bake, same as submitting a book for publishing and waiting for acceptance. And after a while, you have a really delicious cake to enjoy or a really exciting book to share.

Lindy read us a whole chapter from The Golden Scarab which was so exciting that we cannot wait to read the rest.

At the end Room 8 Coolkids and Mrs Raman were happy to have taken a photo with our Kiwi author Lindy Davis.

THANK YOU MRS DAVIS – and we hope to have many many more wonderful books from you.

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