Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Role-Model Assembly: Reuben-James Heremaia-Manaia and Dion Stevens

Reuben-James Heremaia-Manaia and Dion Stevens both went to Salt Lake
City Utah USA for 88 days. 
They played rugby for a College team called 'Highland Rugby'.  It was a
cultural experience for both boys and an opportunity to share their
rugby and touch skills with the American boys.
This is R-J's 2nd year in the U-19's. 
They played 12 games for the season and were undefeated in all matches.
The played in the USA Nationals playing another local Utah squad and won
making them the overall USA National U-19 champions.
This makes Highland Rugby the only team to win 19 out of 24 National
finals.  The rest they came second and third in one finals.

Article by: Whaea Elaine Heremaia (proud mum of Reuben)

rj at krs 005


  1. thanks for coming ruby in june

    from slade

  2. wooooo ! i remember him. haha i used to go K.R and my mums whaea rama :) wow so long ago !


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