Tuesday, 27 May 2014

World Cup Game Report - Report by Ref: Michelle

Sweden vs. Australia - Report by Ref: Michelle

A tight first game with goals quickly scored by both teams leaving it all tied up.  Again the next goals were scored in quick succession leaving it all tied up again with just 1 minute left in the game.
Final goal was scored by Tevita with just seconds to go.

Australia won 3 to Sweden’s 2
Fair play to
Sweden – Manaia (5)
Australia – Tuarae (6)

Goals Scored by
Tevita x2 (21)
Journey x1 (21)
Ruanui x1 (21)
I realize there is a discrepancy in the goals here as one goal was scored off their own defender L
Look forward to tomorrows games
I’m refereeing France vs Poland (Pool A)
Neroli is refereeing China vs Aotearoa (Pool B)

Report by Ref: Michelle

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