Thursday, 21 November 2013

Our Space Adventure

Our Stardome Trip.

Have you ever been to the Stardome before? Well, you’ve found the right person to speak to. On Wednesday the 13th of November room 23, 14 and 17 went to the Stardome. We were learning about space and if you didn’t know it already, Stardome is all about space!


First of all, we hopped on the bus and sat down.  I sat at the back with my friend. The bus looked like a long caterpillar from the outside, you should have seen it with its bendy bit in the middle. When the bus driver drove I could see my house. It was cool.


Just 40 minutes later we had arrived. I looked out the window and saw a park. I walked up the hill and followed Mrs. Dunbar to the entrance. There were other schools too so we had to move for them. I stood with my group next to the door.


The stardome was amazing I could see lots of stuff about space everywhere. Our group walked in, put our bags inside a cage and waited behind the door.

When we went inside there was a big dome that looked like a cereal bowl but upside down. It was called the planetarium room. There were chairs that lay on the ground and faced to the celling. I sat in the center.



After that, the movie had started it was very dark. In fact we watched it on the roof. It was fun; I had butterflies. The movie showed us all the planets in the solar system. We visited them in a space ship, really, we did. There was a family who were looking for a good planet to live on. When the movie had finished we went out to explore. But what I learnt from the movie was that Earth, our plant home, was the perfect planet for those creatures to live on. I learnt that Jupiter had 67 moons. Saturn’s rings were made out of 90% of ice and 10% of dust and rock.


Next, we had to go to the space room. We asked lots of questions. I had learnt that the black hole is very colorful. Our classes had finished asking and my group and I went out to go eat.


When the bus had arrived we finished eating and went on. Some classes had fallen asleep but I on the other hand played games with my friend.


I liked this trip it was very fun and I learnt more things. I hope you and your friends have a fun time there.



By: Tazmyn

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