Friday, 12 April 2013

Touch Team Make a Win



On Thursday 11th of April 2013 the touch team was waiting with excitement to go on a bus to SOUTH PARK!!! But first Ms Harpur luckily made sure that we all had a hat, sun screen, WATER, lunch and shoes. We were separated in to two teams, team A and team B. Now all we had to do was wait for the bus. A few seconds later we could hear the roaring of the bus as it came tearing up the road. Yay, we were nearly off! We hopped at the back because we had to drop off the softball and cricket team first. We all sighed because we were going to be dropped off last but then we heard that we were going to be dropped off first and we were all like yes!!! That was it we were off to South Park.  We were so excited, we just wanted to get on the field and win.


When we got off the bus Star said it’s all about winning not having fun it’s not a fun day.   Ms Harpur said we could have fun as long as we were winning!  We headed down to the fields but before that we went to find a spot to put our bags down.  We were in luck because Star found a nice cold shady spot under a huge tree.   Ms Harpur told us it was a walnut tree and showed us what a walnut looked like.  Then we had to go to the big white tent with all the other schools for a briefing.  We sat next to a school that wore a red t-shirt and green or black shorts and on the other side of us was a school that had red stripes and black t-shirt, there shorts were black.  Matua Tuare told us where each field was and that if a girl scored a try it would be 2 points and if a boy scored a try it would be 1 point.  He also said that it was all about fun, huh??  But Star and Ms Harpur said??

Team A had a tie in their 1st game, lost their 2nd game and won their 3rd and 4th games. Team B lost their 2nd game but won the other four. After the games we had a race to see who the fastest school in Papakura was.  In the girl’s race a girl from St Mary’s won, we came 4th. In the boy’s race a boy from Papakura Central won.  He was small but incredibly fast.  The girl from St Mary’s was so tall, she took huge long strides, no wonder she won! We came 3rd in the boy’s race.


After a short wait for the bus we were finally heading home.  First we had to go and pick up the softball and cricket team, they were patiently waiting for us at Ray Small Park. After that we went back to school, it was home time when we got there so we just left.  What an amazing day we had, we were exhausted!


Daniel Crichton Room 12

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