Monday, 15 April 2013

Pancake Party

Friday 5th April


Have you ever made some yellow, golden, tasty pancakes in your class before? Well I have.

On Friday 5th April room 8 and I made some yellow, golden, tasty pancakes. We made pancakes because Mrs Poa thought it would be fun to learn how to flip pancakes in our class.

Everyone went into a circle to see what Mrs Poa was doing. Mrs Poa had a bottle that had all the stuff that was needed called ‘the ready-mix’. Mavis took the bottle to put some water into it and when she came back Mrs Poa was shaking it. Everyone had a turn to shake the bottle. Shake, shake and shake!!

After that Mrs.Poa turned on the pan, next goes the butter. When Mrs Poa put the butter in the pan, we could hear the hot sizzling butter.

Next goes the pancakes, when Mrs Poa tipped the pancakes there were little bubbles, when they were done she flipped over the pancakes when she flipped it they were golden yellow like the sun and it was shaped like a 2 dollar coin.

After that Mrs Poa put the pancakes in a plate and she made some more pancakes. When Mrs Poa was finished, Mavis went around and gave us some pancakes.

It was fun to make pancakes, I liked eating them too.

The End

By Amisha Kumar

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