Friday, 15 March 2013

Radio DJs of 2013

Presenters include Jahlisha, Tia, Dhay-Shiarnah, Lakeisha, Siota, Piukala, Kiara, Shantea, Tariana, Seialofa,  Naijana, Patriki, Grayson and Daniel

This year sees an exciting new change to the radio station presenter team. Each week they find useful and important information to read as news to keep listeners up to date in what is happening near and far. With some presenters eager to share their news as a first time presenter, some have been presenting the news for some years now. Winter Clarke, seen here in the middle-right, is the longest running presenter at our school and has enjoyed her role for 5 years! She loves the opportunity to present news and often helps out by training new presenters or standing in for last minute bulletins.

Tune in to 107. 3 at 10 am and 12pm each day to hear them broadcast.

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