Saturday, 23 March 2013

Being Clowns

Today Miss Taffard got us to dress up as clowns. First we all we read a book about Wobbles the clown. Then Miss Taffard put up some questions for us to answer about the story. Miss Taffard called my name and I was the first person to get my face painted. I couldn’t see myself but I still thought it was funny, because everyone else was laughing.

Next I finished all my work fast and saw everyone else get their face painted too. We all were clowns and had all the same faces.  When all of us had finished getting our faces painted white and red, Miss told us to line up. Shayde was holding the parachute in his hand.

We were all excited and a little noisy because we all really wanted to play with the parachute. We were all going to the field. I was happy to go and play with the parachute. All of us spread the parachute out.  

Keara had the ball and had to throw it in the middle. We all played three games and it was the ball in the middle and it was about the colour on your right. If Miss taffard called your colour you would have to run under the parachute and go to the same colour somewhere else. We didn’t get the chance to play the third game because the bell rang and we were all hungry.

 We all had our lunch and some people were still wearing their face paint. I loved dressing up as clown because they are so silly and funny at the same time.

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