Thursday, 28 June 2012

The Pavlova

The pavlova was named after a famous ballerina called Anna Pavlova. The cake was made in her hounor [they made the middle light like her dancing]. Australia thinks they made the first but! their wrong! I believe that we [NZ] made the first pavlova, you should agree. I have a whole 3 reasons why. I can tell you exactly where it was made in NZ, I know the date it was made and Australia steals everything from NZ.

Everyone knows [you should too] that NZ was the very first to make pavlova. According to Wikipedia,” Keith Money, a biographer of Anna Pavlova, wrote that a hotel chef in wellington, NZ created the dish when pavlova visited there.’’ I dare you to look on Wikipedia for yourself and there you will find NZ did make the very first pavlova. Do you want the debate of NZ and Australia to goon or stop.

Only a fool would recommend/think that Australia was the first to make pavlova when we all know that NZ did because I know all the dates of when Australia and NZ made the pavlova. A slice of NZ’s culinary History, states that “the first Australian pavlova recipe was created in 1935...yet...In 1926 [NZ made their first pavlova] on her world tour,’’  These are the exact dates of when the pavlova was made. I bet you didn’t know that and that Australia can’t top that either.

  I have already given you two reasons why I think NZ was first to make pavlova and Australia made it second. If you don’t believe me than read on and I will tell you some of the things that Australia stole from us. When I looked on Google it said that Australia stole the lamington [a cake], Keith urban [a famous musician] crowded house [a band] and as we all know the pavlova. Now do you agree with me and my three reasons?

 I hope you do and that this debate will stop once and for all. I hope you agree that New Zealand made the Pavlova first.

By Rachel Dahm

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