Monday, 13 December 2010

Christmas Tree Reindeers

In Room 23 Hineula and Leighton made Christmas reindeers for the Christmas tree by following a procedure. "We've been practising writing procedures this term, so it was fun to finally use one to make these cool reindeer".

Tree Reindeers

No Christmas tree is complete until it has a reindeer, with his shiny red nose, sitting in the branches. Follow these simple steps to make your own.


3 Dolly pegs per reindeer

Hot gun with glue

Red or green felt


Red sponge for nose


Marker pen


1. Get out 3 dolly pegs and draw on the hooves on two pegs with a marker pen.
2. Two pegs to hang down and one turned upside down to make a face with antlers.

3. Use a glue gun to glue the pegs together.

4. Cut out a small square as a saddle and use glue gun to stick in place.

5. Get two eyes and glue under the antlers.

6. Stick on red sponge nose under the eyes.

7. Cut a small amount of ribbon and tie on.

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