Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Iron Brion

Kelvin Road School had an entertaining visit from Iron Brion who taught us about eating healthy and important vitamins such as Iron. Iron carries oxygen around the body, helps make energy from foods and fights infection. Iron is also used for growth and development and is involved with helping us learn.
Beef and lamb are packed full of many important vitamins and minerals and make an important contribution to the healthy, balanced diet of all Kiwi kids. We learnt about the important food groups and how they help us to grow and learn. After a fun packed show we all had our own iron filled burger for lunch. Thank you Iron Brion!

 That was funny when you kicked the hacky-sack and it hit your eye.                                                     Jason (Room 6)

   I like burgers and my meat filling fell off my burger today.         
                                                                        Lily (Room 6)

We went to the hall to watch the Iron Brion show and we learnt about the different food groups.
                                                                                      Bridget (Room 10)

   I like dancing with Dayton and Iron Brion. I am dancing too and Dayton too.      
                                              Shayde (Room 6)

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