Wednesday, 4 November 2009

How caterpillars metamorphosis’ into a caterpillar

Caterpillars are in all countries and will always metamorphosis into a butterfly. First the butterfly lays eggs on a leaf. Then the caterpillar hatches out of the egg and eats the shell.
Next the caterpillar looks for about thirty leaves to eat and then the caterpillar gets fatter and fatter. Then it molts out of its skin about four times.

Then it looks for a leaf to hang upside down on.

After it finds a leaf it shoots out silk thread and ties it around itself and makes a chrysalis.
Then the chrysalis turns into pupa. Pupa is a kind of jelly. Then the caterpillar grows wings.
At last the butterfly comes out of the chrysalis it hangs upside down and flaps its wings so blood can go into its wings. And the Cycle can start again.

The caterpillar to butterfly happens all the time and this is why it is a cycle.

By Tui, Room 23


  1. I really liked your story about caterpillars, especially the bit about it getting fatter and fatter.
    From Amandeep

  2. so that is how caterpillars metamorphosis into butterfly
    that is very good tui keep it up

    from slade

  3. Tui is a young and talented boy

  4. nice story tui it was good

    from slade.

  5. nice story tui ithink it looks fantastic and cool f w
    r a
    o l
    m t


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