Monday, 8 June 2009

Newsletter Issue 9


Wednesday 24th June 2009

Parent Interviews—it is essential that you attend these so that we can work together on behalf of your child(ren).

Monday 29th June 2009

Individual Photos—Starting at 8.30am, notices to be sent home

Friday 3rd July 2009

Term 2 ends—2.00pm finish

Monday 20 July 2009

Term 3 begins—8.30am start

Thursday 3rd September 2009

Class Photos

Welcome Nau mai, haere mai, to all of our new families who began this week. We look forward to working alongside you in order to give each child the best education we can. Our teachers welcome your comments and support.

NEWSLETTERS are sent home fortnightly, please note the dates as to when Newsletters will be given to your child/children :-

TERM 2: Thursday 18th June, Thursday 2nd July

week 7

Second Hand Uniforms: We have a few school Jerseys for sale, mainly smaller sizes. Please see the office if you are interested. They are $10 each.

Car parks: Are for STAFF only. I cannot stress how dangerous it is to have parents driving into the school grounds to drop off or collect children. Please walk in—we would be delighted to see you and greet you. In cars—often—small children are “invisible” and drivers cannot see properly when reversing - so please help us prevent a possible tragedy by adhering to the rules. They are rules for our children’s safety

New classroom: Construction has begun on Room 23 and we hope it will be ready before the end of term 2.

Breakfast: It is important for all, especially children, to have a breakfast. Sometimes that might not happen due to various circumstances—we have some limited supplies of muesli bars/fruit that we can offer on these occasions. Your child should simply, quietly, and in confidence, ask their teacher.

Golden Rule: Be responsible for your actions

week 8

Tylar, Room 22


New entrants can be ENROLLED at any time, however, we prefer them to begin school on Tuesday morning ONLY, so that Mrs Trafford (New Entrant Teacher) can speak with parents and ensure a smooth entry to school for children.

OPEN MORNINGS for all four year old children and their parents

2009 Dates—The last Friday of each month:

26th June, 31st July, 28th August, 30th October and 27 November.

Time: 8.45am—10.30am

Place: Room 1 (New Entrant Room) or Room 5 (Maori Immersion)

Further information available from the School Office


PAI (Papakura Achievement Initiative):

Our teachers have been working hard through the Papakura Achievement Initiative which involves a lot of after school meetings for Professional Development, as well as top, well known educators working alongside us at school. Our aim is to drive up our children’s achievement.

Please talk to your kids and find out the exciting things they are learning.


School Uniform is compulsory and expected to be worn clean and tidily each day. This gives our children a sense of “BELONGING” and being prepared to learn...


Party Direct would like to offer students, friends and family of Kelvin Road School a 5% discount off all Party Hire equipment.

To view these discounts go to

Or contact them on 476 0111


All the team at Party Direct


Go for a swim at your local pool; Mow the lawn; Walk the dog as a family outing; Play hide and seek; Go ten pin bowling; Use the free local tennis courts; Play elastics…Go mountain biking; Clean the house and windows; Climb trees; Invent a new game


P.M.P. Helpers

We are seeking parents, grandparents or other family members to help the Year 1  children with the Perceptual Motor Programme.  It does not require any skill or knowledge — just a bit of your time for 1 1/2 hours, on one or two mornings a week.

Rooms 2, 6 & 10 have their turn on Tuesday and Thursday (8.45—10.10am)

Rooms 1, 11 & 5 have their turn on Wednesday and Friday (8.45—10.10am)

If you can help please see (or phone) Mrs Quist or your child’s teacher.

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